Ultimate Delay Spray - Triple Pack

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Ultimate Delay Spray 3 Pack gives you 3 desensitizing sprays which help to delay male ejaculation and give a more satisfying erection. These Ultimate Delay sprays are made with natural ingredients which are effective in boosting your sexual prowess and giving you longer lasting sex.

Ultimate Delay Spray 3 Pack is a triple pack of Lidocaine-free desensitising sprays that are designed to help delay premature ejaculation and prolong erections. In this multipack you will get: 3 Ultimate Delay Sprays (25ml) Increased control over ejaculation Delay Sprays are made with naturally-occurring ingredients. When the spray is applied to the shaft and tip of the penis before sex, it makes the area feel less sensitive and helps you have more control over ejaculation. Easy, no-mess application These sprays act fast to give you instant results. A simple spray on function, makes it quick, easy, and clean to apply with no mess whatsoever. A single 25ml bottle gives you around 30 applications.


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