Tena Pants Plus Small - 70 Pairs

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Tena Pants Plus Small are thicker and more absorbent than TENA Pants Discreet - making them suitable for moderate to heavy conditions.

TENA Pants PlusSmall can be worn like normal underwear. They can be pulled up and down easily, but have a little extra protection built inside. The discrete incontinence pad will minimise embarassment and discomfort. Quick absorbing and with high-capacity layers, these pants can be removed and disposed of easily and hygienically. TENA Pants Plus Extra Small should mininmise the discomfort, distress and embarassment caused by incontinence.3 Features and Benefits Odour Control System to keep you protected for up to 12 hours. Pull up and down like normal underwear. Completely unobtrusive and invisible under normal clothing. 3 Absorption layers including for fast absorption and greater capacity. 'Feel Dry' (TM) Top sheet to keep skin dry and protected. 'Air Dry' 100% Breathable waterproof backing aids comfort and prevents perspiration. Outer and Inner leg cuffs for extra anti-leak protection. Body-Close Fit (TM) and Elasticated Waistband for optimum fittin for better security and discretion. Side tears for easy removal. Subtle Wetness Indicator to identify when product requires changing.


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