Karsons Pharmacy

Address: 69-71 City Way, Rochester, Kent ME1 2BA

Phone: 01634 405700

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday: 7am-11pm, Sunday: 8am-1pm


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Our Chemist is open late (and early!)

We can dispense medicines seven days a week, and are open from 7am until 11pm from Monday to Saturday. We are even open from Sundays, from 8am until 1pm.


If you need to get your prescription, whether it is an NHS prescription or a private one, we can dispense it for you. If your medicines are unusual or special, then you will be happy to know that we are big enough to hold an extremely large range of prescription-only medicines.

Over-the-counter medicines

We stock a large range of medicines which are available without prescription, but only at chemists.

If you get free prescriptions, then we can give you free medicines through the local healthcare scheme.

Emergency Contraception

If your normal contraception has failed, and you need the morning after pill, then you can visit us late at night (until 11pm) or first thing in the morning (from 7am). If you live in the Medway area, and are under 24, then we can supply emergency contraception free, under the local health scheme.

Emergency Deliveries

In addition to our normal delivery services for housebound patients, we can arrange emergency deliveries on short notice.